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May 29, 2011

An overview of Jeffrey's interview with Hugh Jackman.

Welcome to,
Jeffrey Belaphonte's Afterthought

Tonight I will be Talking about my latest interview with Australian immigrant and former woodland dog Hugh Jackman.

When He first arrived for his interview i got the distinct impression he was a little nervous, maybe it was my decor or perhaps something else.

After a short chit chat about my personal favourite The Prestige he decided that we should keep the questions about him and not about Micheal or Christian.

So here are my favourite moments.

Q1. How did it feel to be cast second to a robot in your latest film Real Steel?

"I am the main star in this movie its about me connecting with my son. I am the movie."

Seeing he was getting a little flustered I moved on to the next question

Q2. What was it like working with Ridley Scott again on the hollywood bust Robin Hood last year ?

"Are you shitting me ? you're really going to ask me that question? you know what this interview is fucking over"

Luckily I had pre-empted a Hissy fit and hidden the phone so not to be another victim of his.

After Hugh stormed out I was informed by his Publicist that further interviews where to be cancelled.

So on that note Hugh has again ridiculed himself from his adoring fans.

I have been Jeffrey Belaphonte Thank you and goodnight.