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August 09, 2012

Sony Pictures is releasing 'Hope Springs' on Friday...neither a sequel, remake or cartoon. It's the first such movie released this summer.

Always known for taking risks with theatrical releases, edgy Sony Pictures is releasing Hope Springs on Friday, which is neither a sequel, a remake or a cartoon. It's the first such movie of the summer.

Hope Springs is the story of 50-something couple who try to rekindle their sex life. "We want to show audiences that we're different," said Sony head Amy Pascal.

"Not only do we refuse to attract audiences with explosions and shiny objects, but we're not afraid to actually repel them with the promise of Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Street having sex."

"In case that doesn't work," Pascal continued, "we've gone ahead and given the film as unimaginative a name as possible. And get this, we've managed to cast Steve Carell in a part where he is completely and utterly unfunny. How many studios can say that?"

The total budget for the film was $30 million, but Pascal has confirmed that a large chunk of that was spent shooting the final scene where an alien drops through the ceiling and eats Meryl Streep's face off.