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Brian Fountain, Jackson Douglas, Alex Borstein, Michael Stuhlbarg, Paul Sparks, Bill Sherman, Dave Baas, Michael Scanlon, Alia Nakishami, Writers Guild of America.

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May 15, 2013

We're not the only ones caught in the rat race of trying to succeed in work and love and still manage to enjoy ourselves.


I can safely say I am terrified of very little, except rodents. So I decided to write about them in some way to deal with the fact that they're the biggest population in New York. It all started after I had this obnoxious mouse that lived rent-free in my apartment for years. One night, I was watching TV and the mouse just sat, chilling in the middle of the living room. He (not to be sexist) didn't feel the need to hide or sneak by. Clearly, he thought this was his home too. I wondered if he liked what I turned on. Maybe he watched his own TV shows when I was out. There are 973 cable channels catering to every niche demo. There are channels directed at puppies, could there be HBO Mouse? 

So I wrote half a dozen episodes of M.Y.C., which chronicles the adventures of Brie and Ched in Mice York City. In the pilot, you'll hear Alex Borstein (Family Guy), Jackson Douglas (Bunheads), and Adam Busch (TBS' Men at Work) and in future episodes, Michael Stuhlbarg (Serious Man, Lincoln) and Paul Sparks (Boardwalk Empire) make appearances. 
Does this affect you? YES! I am not the only one who is (relatively) more compassionate towards critters now. Mice are all over New York, but do you really know who they are? Mice are often overlooked in New York compared to their more infamous contemporaries- rats and roaches. Considering mice squat in our walls, halls, and apartments rent-free, M.Y.C. finally "puts a face to a name" on this underground population. My hope is to release more episodes, be it on the web or TV, to share their exploits, whether they're enrolling in yoga teacher training; signing up for OkCupid; or watching Under the Boardwalk Empire. Are they "just like us"? Well, some run their own pop-up artisanal grilled cheese shop. Other mice make fun of those hipsters. M.Y.C. might confirm your worst fears or make you appreciate mice more.  Besides, anyone who lives rent-free in New York is worth getting to know.