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March 29, 2018

Returning home from central London one day, we passed by the bus next to the Lambeth Bridge, one of the bridges located next to the Westminster Bridge, which was closed to the public and where there was a great stir, smoke, cars and military trucks, etc.

At first, we thought that something had happened, but soon we saw that it was the shooting of a movie, which we later learned was the next instalment of The Fast & the Furious. The rest of the way on the bus we spent thinking about some of the many romantic, comedy and action films that have been shot in this city, which led to the creation of this post, with a list of the best films shot in the British capital.

It is hard to find a movie set in London that is not starring Hugh Grant. The second: Jude Law and Clive Owen. This drama of entanglements and unravelling, cross-dresses and various infidelities with a luxury cast (the previous handsome people are joined by Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts) will take you to Postman Park -located at the foot of the Saint Cathedral Paul - where Natalie Portman and Jude Law stroll for the first time, to the London Aquarium - under the London Eye - where Julia Roberts will have her first date with Clive Owen or the Whitley’s galleries where Julia Roberts makes her photo exhibition.


Match Point:
When Woody Allen decided to leave New York, he found in London the last of his shoe. A city as cosmopolitan and chaotic as the director himself, which served as the setting for this thriller starring the (rabidly) beautiful Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers with which you can visit the Tate Modern Gallery on the banks of the Thames, the bridge Blackfriars, the Royal Opera House or the Palace of Westminster.

With this film we propose, in addition to a trip in space, a journey through time. Specifically, until World War II, when the film starring Keira Knightley and her famous - green dress takes place. A dramatic in every rule. Of the authentic ones. Oscar’s. While you are drying your tears with a Kleenex you can also see the Aldwych metro station, the false exteriors of St. Thomas (which are the University College in Bloomsbury) or a restaurant from the 1930s that, if it stings you the curiosity, is the City Hall of Bethnal Green, East of London.


Notting Hill:
And let’s move on to comedy. Specifically, one of the quintessential romantic comedies in which a famous Hollywood actress (Julia Roberts) falls in love with a shy bookseller of Notting Hill (Surprise! It’s Hugh Grant!). Because it is difficult to find a romantic comedy to match. And because there is no sweeter way than discovering one of the most charming neighbourhoods in all of London.

The Diary of Bridget Jones:
Because nothing better than this happy reporter to discover London. The London of singles, of friends’ dinners where bottles of wine last less than a candy at the door of a school. The London of Bridget Jones is located south of the Thames: she will take you to taste delicatessen in Borough Market and to take pints at The Globe pub, you can enjoy the intellectuality of the Institute of the Arts and kiss you with one of your two suitors in Clink Street. Spoiler: Yes, one of those two suitors is Hugh Grant.


Love Actually:
The movie between the movies. With it you will remember as many London scenarios as stories tell you. From the house of the Prime Minister to Somerset House where the protagonists skate on ice at Christmas, going through the most romantic street of all, St Louis Mews, where the now hero attacks zombies is declared Keira Knightley with a succession of posters that will remain forever engraved on our retinas. And yes, Hugh Grant is also in this movie. The doubt offends.

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