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May 16, 2008


Epoisode 1 Part 2

    As the trio approached Mac's subdivision the large houses, well groomed lawns, and private neighborhood security posts made Johnny and Jimmy noticeably uneasy. "I don't wanna go to jail for takin' a walk with you, Pale Face", Jimmy resumed bouncing his tennis ball and headed back the way they came.  "I'll take my show back downtown, mebbe scare me up some beer money for sunrise." Johnny quietly acknowledged that this was probably for the best. Two high school students walking alone in this neighborhood wouldn't merit much more than a warning and a ride home. Add the town drunk to that menagarie and you've got sobriety tests, and, possibly a night in jail.  

    So, the young pair headed away from the Old Indian and into the ritzy subdivision Mac called home. A sign held between two stoic, granite lions on the roadside proudly named it Golden Acres Estates.

    Heading up the path to Mac's house Johnny noticed her family name, Macullough, in gold letters over the gaudy plastic mailbox...it was shaped like a farmhouse. Her surname was also hung over the front door. it was carved from maple, in big, block letters. Johnny and MAc would not be using this door.

    "Wait here", Mac whispered, "I've gotta get some stuff...How long will we be gone?" Johnny just shrugged. She considered him for a moment, "I'll be back in five minutes." The girl disappeared through the fence and into her backyard. Johnny lit a cigarette and leaned against the truck parked in the driveway. His mind wandered to random thoughts about music and stories. He thought about what, and when, he should inform his fosters that he would not be returning this summer...maybe ever. But the immediate situation never crossed his mind.

    A light came on in the house, interrupting Johnny's little daydream. He took a final pull on his cigarette and turned to inspect the new development inside the house. A dull thud vinreted through the structure, shaking the porch lights. Almost simultaneously, Mac came tearing through the fence-door, keys in hand. "Time to go", she tossed a large, blue backpack at Johnny. Mac jumped into the driver's seat of her slick little coup and started it up. Johnny tossed their bags into the backseat before jumping in himself. Mac's father chased the runaway pair about 100 yards down the street screaming, "Emily! What the Hell are you doing!", so loud that the two kids could hear his cries over the smooth engine of the car.

    "So", Mac's voice was shaking with excitement, "what's next?" Johnny pulled open the girl's bag to see what she had brought, "I don't know. I'm feeling west. We'll figure it out from there." He dug further into her bag, "I think you forgot something", Johnny zipped the bag closed and tossed it into the back. "Fuck you! Get outta my bag." He grinned at the girl, "Still, you forgot something." She stared at him for a moment, "Tampons!", she yelled as she swerved the car in the direction of the nearest convienience store, and Emily Macullough's vaginal salvation.

    As they pulled into a gas station Johnny saw a familiar form lurching drunkenly down the road. Jimmy the Chief had finished his rounds in Main St. and was now bouncing his tennis ball too the nearest six-pack. Jonny got out of the car. "Hey, Pale Face! Lemme buy you a beer!" Before Johnny could answer, Mac came crashing out of the store and jumpe dinto the car, "Let's go!" She hit the ingition. "Hey, Redskin", Johnny took the old man by the arm, "let me take you home." Mac stared at him as Johnny helped the Indian into the backseat, "I though we could use some experience." "I still need a beer", Jimmy mumbled gruffly as he settled in. "The sidepockets of my backpack", Mac cheerfully piped up, "Now, how's about we go to Riverside and leave a mark before we go."