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May 27, 2012

Best rapper of delhi. heard this magnificent rapper on skype bombart is his voice but the language is punjabi. i consider this guy the best rapper of delhi.

Born in the year 1994 in delhi this young rapper is full of energy, i live in the west part of america, inspite of none track he released, hes very famous all over this place, he considers the depth of music and the soul of it in his work.charging not much for his concerts, this energetic rapper has done many live concerts but witout a single track released. he wants to firstly make him capable enough to record his solo track. he wants to rise as a solo artist.studied in a well known school in india he has a very malancholic voice and can cover all the 6 pitches of rapping. considered the best rapper of noida by the punjabi rap assosiation wetsern toronto. and also the best rapper of delhi in 2010 by IIPM,The times of india. this almost famous young rapper will make laurels in the rap music industry, considering himself a struggling rapper, and inspired by bohemia,2 pac shakur.he has knowlegde about almost every form of music.ass,gas,cash/pussy,money,weed/paisa,nasha,pyaar, are the basic priorities and the way of his rapping. he is most admired for his club banger track NASHA THE INTOXICATION. that according to him, he will release with a great artist "Not named". Rapper KSD: Rap music shayari hai.chains,lambi t shirts pehnne se tum rapper nahi ban jaate, stuggle,strive." hah i dont exaclt know what that means.still thats deep inside there. official rapper of the asias second largest club, he will probably make it big. all the best for his life. and we look up to this young blooded, rapper as an aspiring hip hop phase.
Encd:article to be contd. ref:sandrahillary,davidholswool,mikeyfredrick,mellesagrounswerth.