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February 12, 2010


Afternoon friends,

What a weekend and week that followed! I am finally back to normal, and I think I am one of the first.
For all of you who picked the Colts to win but were pulling for the Saints, thanks. For all of you who picked the Colts to win and were pulling for the Colts; my condolences. And for all of you who picked the Saints to win and were pulling for the Saints, great job you two. To the victors go the spoils, I guess. You know what they say, Defense wins championships or in the Saints case, the last 3 minutes and 12 seconds of the Super Bowl. I don’t think people outside this state truly realize what winning a professional sports championship meant to the city, state, and region.  I will stop with the clichés but it was special. For all those folks who still aren’t over the fact that the Vikings lost because of countless turnovers, (officials didn’t fumble the ball or throw the interceptions) then you can enjoy Minnesota’s version of jambalaya. I have a brother who lives just outside Minneapolis and I asked him recently if this product had hit the shelves yet up there. He found it funny, some of his co-workers, not so much.

It seems everyone is getting blasted by the snow these days and ironically winning the Super Bowl has caused changes in the environment down here too. This morning, in a rare instance, it started snowing in Lafayette, La around 6 am and stopped around 9 am. Not before a whopping 3 inches had accumulated in some areas. Yeah, I know it is nothing at all compared everywhere else but keep in mind it NEVER snows down here. Much less sticks on the ground. Hell hath obviously frozen overeth!  By the way, I just happened to check the weather in Indianapolis this morning…22 degrees and FOG; which is what they have been in since Sunday night. Irony, sometimes it’s dressed as Mother Nature.  


Today’s NPIsc is in honor of the 2010 Olympic games being held in Vancouver, BC by our friends to the north.  I have a couple of predictions to throw out there.

US will win GOLD in hockey………………………………………………women’s hockey

US will win GOLD in most of the X-games type stuff. (You know, the not so real Olympic sports)

US will not win GOLD in downhill skiing with Bode Miller or Lindsey Vonn, when this was our best chance

US will not win GOLD in the coveted ‘Curling’ completion. but the U.S. will shock the world by medaling.

Final prediction: Michael Phelps will not win GOLD in anything…


I hope you have fun with this one. This actually just happened last week as athletes were putting in some final practices getting ready for the games.

Receiving Votes:

There is in fact gold at the end of the rainbowRhiann0n

If you light my farts we will look like the Batmobile.drwho

Vancouver British Columbia...smell the dairy air!hoarseface


When flames shoot out of her ass,I'd say that's cheating.lizardladyfla

Put your butt into it and we are GOLD!JoeLeeThree

Cruel Runnings


 Feel the rythym, feel the rhyme...look out world it's butt cheek time!

Here's the link to the video of this picture.

Enjoy friends!