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January 15, 2009


Wow, you guys.


I don't know what to say. I mean, just... wow.

Well, let me start this the easiest way I know how: Thank you. Thank you for putting Slider back on the front page. I know that the millions of hits (that the FOD team likely had to wipe from the counter in an attempt to be fair with the other videos) that I drove really caught the eye of the staff here and encouraged them to do the right thing and put it back where it belonged:

Bang bang! Look at that! That's me! I made that happen! MOLLY MCALEER, FTW 4EVA, YOU GUYS!!!

So that's the awesome news. I guess now we'll do the shitty news and then the rad-but-less-rad-than-Slider-being-on-the-front-page news.

The bad news is that Indie 103.1 is getting shut down and being replaced with a station called "El Gato" or "The Pussy" (I stopped taking Spanish in 8th grade, the translation might be looser than I'd initially aimed for.) I don't know the deets, but for those of you who lives outside of Los Angeles, Indie 103.1 is the only really great radio station in LA. Well, no. I mean, I'll do KDAY because I like to keep the party poppin' devastation-status, but Indie is a totally chillbombs station that plays fairly solid jams. So here's my question, right? I'm thinking that a lot of Hollywood cheeseball types listen to Indie in their car to take a break from their mainstream lives and remember what pot smells like 'cause the kids who lived across the hall from them in college smoked it or whatever. Those bros have money, right? Why don't you super rich mainstream-types that first heard The Shins from the inside of a Bentley throw some billz at Indie? As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not in to telling people how to live their lives, but it's a thought I'd like to extend in your general direction. Do with it what you will. I'd be willing to use my living room as a studio. That could be my contribution. [UPDATE: Indie is now broadcasting online exclusively. Go click their banner ads or something]

OK, and then some more great news is that apprently television's Steve Carell has purchaed the Marshfiled Hills General Store in Marshfield, MA. That's where I spent every single summer as a child and that store is one of my most favorite places on this earth. I bet that it was in serious jeopardy of being shut down and he saved it. "IN THIS ECONOMY"  that makes SC a true American Hero.

... and that's about all I got for right now. I think the highlight of my time blogging here will be that cat in a pink bear suit I posted yesterday. There's four more videos on www.themollsshow.com in the "mail bag" and "field trips" sections. Go check them out. If you want. Whatever.