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November 11, 2014

Here are some of the craziest holidays people are celebrating all over the world.

​While all of you are aware of Christmas, Easter and New Year,not so many think about all the holidays different parts of the world are celebrating each day. And you probably expect them to be held with the traditional dancing, eating and drinking…And you couldn’t be more wrong! People are feeding crazy monkeys, beating their neighbours and throwing tomatoes at each other. And these “traditions” are actually some of the normal ones. Check the list below and see for yourself.

#5 Lopburi Monkey Buffet

lopburi monkey buffet.jpg

Lopburi Monkey Buffet

Yes, the name of the holiday speaks for itself. It is held in Thailand in November and it is the biggest primate celebration. You wonder why these people are preparing a meal for some monkeys? Well, the monkeys around the Lopburi village are known for disturbing the people and trying to steal their snacks. It was 1989 whenthe locals decided that there is a way to solve the problem - to celebrate the monkeys with a buffet of cucumbers, peanuts and other treats in their honour. The place is the Pa Prang Sam Yot temple and the time is the last week of November.

#4 Tinku “Punch Your Neighbour” Festival


“Punch Your Neighbour” Festival

As weird as it sounds, yes-there is such festival! But the people from the small city Macha in Bolivia are not beating others just for fun. It is an old religious tradition dating back from pre-Hispanic times stating the earth Goddess Pachamama demands blood in order to provide a good harvest. People took that quite literally and decided to provide her with as much blood possible. And what easier way to do that than to beat the pants off of you neighbours? The Tinku Festival is believed to be at least 600 years old! In the past, many of the fights have ended in death. Nowadays, fights are a lot more civilized and they often end with the first blood drop. You probably wish there was such festival in the place you live, right?

#3 National Gutters Day


Gutters Day

Self-explanatory enough, the National Gutters Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom on November 28th. Its main purpose is to remind you the maintenance of your guttering and drains is very important in order to have a safe home. This will be the thirteenth National Gutters Day and people are starting to take it quite seriously. There are even gutter cleaning companies offering 30% off of their gutter cleaning services! But if you are a DIY-lover put on the rubber gloves and prepare the ladder. Removing clots of leaves and debris will save you many troubles later. It is actually not that funny of a holiday, but it certainly is strange… come on, celebrating your gutters?!

#2 La Tomatina

la tomatina.jpg

La Tomatina

The largest food fight is held in Buñol, Spain with over 30,000 people gather in the main square and throw locally grown tomatoes at each other. You can witness this crazy event on the last Wednesday of August. 90 minutes of tomato fight actually sounds fun! The truth is no one has any idea where this tradition comes from. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter! People, both locals and tourists, have fun with the squishy tomatoes.

#1 Antzar Eguna (Goose Day)

goose day 2.jpg

Goose Day

Okay, this one isa little gross. It takes place in the Basque region of Spain and it is considered to be at least 350 years old. This insanity is all about a group of young people trying to decapitate a goose…yes, a goose! Even more, the goose is dead and hanging from a rope. According to the rules, the contestants should behead the dead animal using only their hands and arms. And nobody actually knows where this sick “holiday” comes from.