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January 10, 2017

A classic Hollywood dilemma...Brought to life.

It’s the age old question. The one we grew up asking ourselves. The one we studied for constantly in school. America’s sweetheart Willem Dafoe or Boston’s Boy Denis Leary? Finally! A conclusive and decisive quiz to test your knowledge on the two superstars! Best of luck!

1 ELBOW.jpg
  1. Look at that muscle definition! Think you know whose it is? Cocky bastard…
1 earear.jpg
  1. Can you hear me now? Nope! It’s not Paul from Verizon/Sprint! It’s one of our 2 superstars!
1 LEARY.jpg
  1. Whose scholarly and thought-provoking crow’s peak forehead is this? Who’s to say? You are!
1 nips.jpg
  1. NIPS ON NIPS ON NIPS! Which one of our 2 studs hits the gym 2-3 times a week?
1 hand1.jpg
  1. Who’s reaching for a box of whole grain cheddar Goldfish? Hmmmm…It’s a toughie! Look at those big hands! Think carefully!
1 lk.jpg
  1. Whose charming and womanizing mustache is this? Willem? Denis? That Little League coach whose team your mom never let you be on? You decide!
1 sandlot.jpg
  1. Who’s about to drop some crazy baseball knowledge on an eager youngster? Sandy Koufax? Curt Schilling? Denis? Willem? Mom? Mom, is that you??
1 stud.jpg
  1. Who spent four hours getting ready for his interview on The Tonight Show?
1 TEETH.jpg
  1. Which one of our two famous friends really needs to go to the dentist? You gotta floss, big guy! At least once a day!
1 sod.jpg
  1. We all know Saber Toothed Tigers are extinct, but guess who’s not? Denis Leary and Willem Dafoe! Which one of those A list celebs was a Saber Toothed in his past life?

1. Willem Dafoe
2. Willem Dafoe
3. Denis Leary
4. Denis Leary
5. Willem Dafoe
6. Willem Dafoe
7. Denis Leary
8. Denis Leary
9. Willem Dafoe
10. Denis Leary