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SUPER-WOMAN ( Before Superman there was Superwoman ( A prequel to the Superman about his mother Lara Lor-Van aka Superwoman ). Lara Lor-Van is a Kryptonian woman and she is from Krypton ( Lara is the biological mother of Superman, and the wife of scientist Jor-El.) but before she was married and had Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman as a son, her life was a lot like her sons her on Earth as a young adult before coming back home to Krypton and getting married and having a son. So from June 1 of 1900 - Dec 16 of 1932 ( Before being picked up from Earth for the trip back home to Krypton by Jor-El aka superman’s dad. ) Lara Lor-Van lived on earth as a traveling nurse in the U.S.A. You see after become a nurse at Yale College where she first landed when her pod cashed on the campus of Yale.Where she become a illegal student an got her Nursing degree at Yale, before become a traveling nurse here the states. An she was also a superhero people called Superwoman the whole time. ( Same powers as Superman ). She fought crime of any and all kinds world wide ( you call on the new Villains DC comics ) for the human race back in her days here on Earth a. You see back on Krypton back in the day Jor-El was testing out pods and Lara Lor-Van was the only Volunteer for testing out the pods and when the test went wrong she landed on the campus of Yale where she became a crime fighting student and after college a crime fighting traveling nurse as the super hero we call Superwoman. ( at the Earth age of 18 years old she landed on Earth in 1900 ( back before she had black hair ) and for 32 Earth years she was Lara Lor-Van aka Superwoman saving the day.) An D.C. Comic you cats can take this idea from here players so make it a good dogs. “An if you going to make this into a T.V. and or Movie, am thinking a good Super-Woman would be little known actress but a she is a good one Ashley Weismantel as Lara Lor-Van aka Super-Woman because she got the look DC. So hook it up ! )


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