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Naked Truth ( So in the year 2069 A busty strip club owner enlists her beauteous bevy of homeless outcast to become strippers for her and when they are not dancing the Cherry Bomb they are fight crime of all kinds with their new boss the club owner herself Cherry Lawley ( ) right here in good old LA. An their main menace is the evil genius Dr. Vinnie Boombatz ( ) who is always making new kinds of mass destruction \ brain washing the masses to do his bidding \ Creating Monsters in his attempt to destroy the world as we know it , so he can make this world into what he wants it to be , because in his mind his the lesser of two evil but really his just the bad guy. An are homeless x junkie Strippers that will fight the good fight with Cherry Lawley vs the Dr. Vinnie Boombatz and the brain washed masses an also his monsters are Ruby Stone The red head white chick , Sonya Jones the black chick and Moe Moe Lee this Asian babe will stand up for what is right in this f*cked up world we will be living in come 2069 my friends. Because if you think it’s bad now just wait until then my friends. But Luck for us the Cherry Bomb Girls are here to watch are backs in this Rated T.V. MA syfy action packed deal. An yes we mix in the comedy and drama as well my peeps so it will be very nice ! So check out and don’t forget to tip because will be here all week watching your ass. )


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