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June 12, 2015

A day in the life of a vlogger. How people who make videos about whats going on in their life live. **This is my first upload to FoD, show me some love?**

Day In The Life Of A Vlogger

  • Wake Up
  • Record a video about the first thing that comes to theirmind no matter how idiotic the might be. Edit the video. Complainabout editing the video.
  • Go to the gym for the other 12 hours of daylight they haveleft.
  • Go on the internet tomake jokes about how easy their life is then complain about how hard life is,the main piece of evidence supporting them of course being 20 minutes ifediting daily.
  • Eat a vegan dinner because as ‘a world famous filmmaker’they need to promote healthy eating.
  • Stay up till 1am every morning with other vloggers,constantly using the internet to notify your fans of the ‘wild night’ and some guys ‘chill as f#$% crib’ but let’s face it, it’s his mother’s house.
  • Get home, complain about how broken your sleep schedule is.Sleep and repeat (And sleep easy by knowing that no matter what vlog you upload you will make a million dollars this year).
  • And repeat.