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August 02, 2012

Youtube justice

Lunch break is a good time to stop and relax, even when it's for just a mere 30 minutes and your boss is yelling for you 10 minutes into it. If your like me you do not want to discuss work but would rather talk politics the economy or what ever is destroying the world at the moment. This particular day as Im having lunch with a friend all we could talk about is work specifically THE BOSS. It starts off as any other boss converstion like this guy breaks my balls and I'm going to tell him off or this guy has no soul, and the very popular fuck him so what I was 20 minutes late again. This day how ever it was different, instead of pissing on our break time a light bulb went off in both of us maybe it was the sighn of a breakdown and loosing sanity I dont know either way it was great and here is how it went:

Friend: This guys not having a bad day he's having a bad life.......... hey! Why you laughing? 

ME: Nothing Im retarded just thinking of some thing.

Friend: Cmon tell me dick head whats so funny!

ME: OK OK, imagine I was a super hero and my power was I could blink my eyes and what I was seeing was instantly downloaded onto YouTube, and your super power was to give a person diarrhea simply by touching them.

Friend: Go on....

ME: Picture it were working right and the boss is non stop just breaking balls yeling throwing a tantrum like a bitch, I look over to you you nod your head and I blink me eyes, now what I see millions of YouTube viewers are seeing and what they are seeing is you walking over to the boss to ask his holiness a question, after he gives you the usuall dick response you place your hand on his shoulder not to thank him for his wisdom but to stricken him with an instant case of diarrhea embarresing for him hillarious for us and the millions of YouTube nation as they watch him shit his pants.

Friend:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHa.............thats great you know were retarded right? and probably the only two people to find this funny right?

ME: Cmon thats funny!

Friend: Hey why I gotta be Diarrhea Man?

ME: Shit lunch was over 15 minutes ago let's get back to work and well discuss who's who later.

As we caught some fresh shit for being 15 minutes late it was nice to see that  a little dose of  imagintion and a big dose of stupidity and laughter can drown out the crying inside caused by the evils of a scumbag boss!                                                                                                  7/2/2012