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September 01, 2009


Brand Your Brain

So what the hell is branding anyway?

Why are Madison Ave people obsessed with this shit?

Who cares anyway.

Well, it's a big deal.

Here's why.

In the old days when people wanted to settle things they took out their swords and guns and went at it.

Whack, whack!


But today in cyber-space and TV we fight like hell and conquer with brands.


Building a brand is about burning an idea in your head. It can be a good idea. It can be a bad idea. But once people trust the idea.

You're on your way.

Jesus, Hitler, Stalin, Ronald Reagan, JFK and Walt Disney all understood this branding idea pretty well.

Today, in a media environment of increasingly global buying and selling--building consumer trust in a confusing world of symbolic noise is now fucking crucial.

Even terrorists are beginning to understand this. 9/11 and Al Qaeda are now powerful brand names for recruiting new terrorists.

How about that?

Just like MacDonald's Hamburgers can lure hungry families to the counter. Beatles records can attract rabid music lovers and Calvin Klein jeans can certainly attract the fashion-conscious.

Even Joyce, Salinger, and Kerouac are now literary brands for very specialized markets.

But in the end a brand is a tribal symbol that becomes part of the mythology of any culture and in today's global culture. Global brands are equal to H-bombs in power.

Remember that.

Some brands suck and go nowhere.

Some are so cool they conquer the world.

Does your brand suck or kick ass?

You better find out or Hal will find out for you.

Now is this where I type in ROTFLMAO?