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September 05, 2013

well shit Jared

So, today I went to subway and over heard to bigger ladies infront of me talking with smiles ear to ear about how they were loosing weight and how they were eating so healthy..."ok"...I thought "I"m happy for them". It comes there time to order, first one goes, orders a foot long B.L.T with ranch, mayo, salt and pepper added on to it. I NEARLY FAINTED. Lets face it, we all should blame Jared for this because he's been the fucking spokes person since literally 1901, it's time for a new spokesperson because it isn't very believable anymore...I wanna know who else lost weight from subway? Cause i know DAMNNNN well they didn't from eating B.L.T's...face it Jared we all know deep down in those fucking before and after pictures of you there was some coke being snorted.