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July 01, 2011

episode 1 of adventure team


Adventure team!  Adventure team!  Anything can happen with adventure team!



Stavros wakes up on a 4th floor bench at a hotel overlooking the beach.   He looks around, wandering where his hotel is, cause it aint this one.  Obviously hung over, and wandering how he got there, he looks at his watch


Wavy line fade into scene


            At about 6 times normal speed  --- maybe even a dance train going all over the Alien spaceship, drinking with aliens , doing alien kegstand, aliens being silly then beaming stavros down to this bench  - --



Poof of clouds


Stavros shakes his head, wandering if the reason his clock is wrong is because he was abducted by aliens,  and walks off to the beach.




Blurry figures above Drew become clearer and take the shape of two Police officers.


Drew springs to a full on sprint screaming at the top of his lungs, climbs over a fence and runs off into the city as the cops stand confused.



Benji is on a couch in the apartment with his hand in his pants, the tv playing infomercials, headphones have fallen to his lap, and he is holding his computer that at one point fell off of the pillow on his lap. 


Drooling, with a smile on his face, nearly laughing, he wakes up, crosseyed, as he grasps reality, his face turns sad, he stands up, computer falls to the floor ( amazon receipt for confirmation of 300 various sized disco balls) and he walks into the kitchen, and is not amused one bit that it is full of balloons, opens the freezer hallucinates a penguin festivle, laughs, closes the freezer, then opens the fridge for some OJ.



Stavros walks in the apartment


Benji – Mornin sunshine!

Stavros – eat a dick.  

                                    Walks in the kitchen, and puts on some coffee. 

            What time is it?

Ben: 930


Stavros:  My watch says its 11.  I think I was abducted by aliens

Ben: hahaha, yeah, aliens man. 


By now theyre both eating breakfast on the couch, watching tv – zombie like.


Drew, breathing heavy, flushed, and sweaty quickly bursts in the door and closes it behind him,


Benji : Whats up man?!


Drew:  incomprehensible mumbling


Drew then paces into the kitchen and unseen, is heard popping all the balloons and mumbling stuff. 



3 days later


Adventure team is in the living room watching tv, eating stuff.  Quite a mess. 


Doorbell rings


Nose goes game, Stavros is last. 


Stavros :  Fuck you benji I hope you choke on your own tongue. 


Delivery man : Delivery for Benji


Stavros (yelling sarcastic)  -  Biiiig surprise Benji


Benji (sheepishly) -  I didn’t order anything

            Looking around trying to convince the others he didn’t


Stavros sits – What is it this time benji?  I hope its a box of scalpels and one falls on your face while you sleep because I accidently knocked it over.


Drew – mumbles and shakes his head, laughing and eating cereal. 


Benji, - Yeah just bring it in here

            Opens the door to his room, its full of stacks of boxes and the most random shit in the world.


Delivery man brings about 15 loads of boxes on hand trucks, benji signs then sits down and gives stavros and drew boxes.  And they start to open them


Benji – What do you think it is?


Stavros  -  FUCK Benji, when is this going to end?!  You have a fucking problem! 


Benji – No I don’t, I didn’t even order these. 


Drew – shaking his head, laughing is the first to open his, and he just stares and laughs at it


Benji -  Disco balls – awesome! 




Adventure team, Adventure team


Anything can happen with adventure team!


Drew, sitting on the couch, looks around, there are disco balls hanging from everything, and disco balls on the floor.


Drew - So you guys want to have a party tonight,


Stavros – fuck it, why not


Fast forwarded montage of people showing up.  everyone who shows up is in costume as their alter ego dressed in a toga.