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January 24, 2009


My name is Christopher7murphy...but you probably already know that, after all you clicked me...and by the way, Thank you! It feels good.
Anyway, I've been told that blogging is fun...I should try it. All the cool people do it! I wanna be cooool, don't I?
Okay...Okay! I'll try it. I wanna be cool, too! But what the frick do I blog 'bout? I'm a forty two year old bookstore manager. I have a degree in commercial art with background  studies in journalism and teaching...and I think I'm funny. Well...I think I'm sarcastic as hell...well...I know I'm bitter about life! Ya...that's it! Bitter sarcastic little seeds. Seeds that need nurtured and tended to. A potential garden of delights! And here, I will tend to my garden. I will fertilize generously. I will pluck the fruits of my loins to feed the starving! I will trip and fall as I step on my rake. I will die a horiffic comedic death.

And I will laugh.

I guess if all I can do is make myself laugh, then that's enough. And if I happen to get a giggle from you, then the sweeter the fruit.

And that, class, is why audiences use to toss tomatoes at street clowns.

Things overheard in a book store:
From the: Live and Learn Department.

Phone rings.
Clerk: Hello, (name of store). Can I help you?

Voice on phone: Do you have "We?"

Clerk: um...I've never heard of "We." I have "Us"

Voice: ?

Clerk: "Us Magazine." We carry that.

Voice: No. It's "We Magazine!"

Clerk (Really trying to be helpful): No. Not "We"..."Us." Could you mean, "Us"....or maybe..."People?"

Voice: ?

Clerk: "People Magazine." It's kinda like "Us."

Voice: -Click-

Note- "OUI" magazine is an adult magazine. A very adult magazine. "Oui" is pronounced "we" and it is French for "yes."