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July 01, 2013

Test your knowledge versus YOUR friends? It's the ultimate 'Friends' quiz!



1. What Makes Ross Geller The Most Depressing Character in TV History?
A. His multiple failed marriages
B. That he's a leader in his professional field, but none of his friends respect him
C. He has a son he never sees, but that never seems to bother him
D. His sad sad face
2. Phoebe was on for all 10 Seasons. In real life, how long would these "friends" put up with her hippie bullshit?
A. 2 years. Would be novel at first, but then they'd move on 
B. 10 years. That seems accurate because they were all fucking idiots in some regard
C. Nobody in their good mind should ever have to put up with her hippie buillshit
3. What was up with Chandler's yo-yoing weight issues?
A. It was played for comedic effect by the writers
B. It was hilarious
C. Hands down funniest part of the show
D. Dude, he had substance abuse problems. This isn't cool
E. So so funny
4. What name did Ross say at his wedding to Emily?
A. Chanandler Bong
B. Ben
C. Russ
D. Elliot Gould
E. Gunther
5. When Ross slept with that copy girl, he and Rachel were: 
A. On a break
B. On a boat
C. On a coffee shop
D. On break.com
6. In high school, what was Monica's claim to fame?
A. Is being fat a claim to fame?
B. If so, it was the fat thing
C. Because they really milked that in those flashbacks
D. Diabetes
7. True or False: Joey once said "How You Doin?" to a sandwich
True? Probably. We haven't seen every episode, but that seems like the kind of lazy writing they would have done in seasons 7-9.  
8. True or False: Joey once made love to a sandwich
False, this happened on an episode of his spinoff, the little-watched, "Joey," when the producers were pulling out all the stops. 
9. Remember that time Tom Selleck was on the show?
A. Of course, he had a recurring role
B. Do you mean Burt Reynolds?
C. No, pretty sure it was Wade Boggs
D. Wade Boggs
E. Wade Boggs, final answer
How'd you do? Let us know in the comments!