Man Annoyed But Says Nothing as Subway Worker Puts Wrong Toppings On Sandwich
Dylan Smith


MIDDLEBURY,CT - Following along in his head as the Subway employee put each successive ingredient onto his sandwich, loyal patron Lance Peddleton silently watched along as banana peppers were added instead of the desired jalapeño peppers that Lance had explicitly asked for. It seems that even though he paid for the meal in full , Lance remained quiet about the employee’s slip up out of fear of “it becoming a whole thing,” he told us of the incident. Since he didn’t speak up, Lance had to eat the sandwich with the wrong ingredients and, as expected, he was mildly disgruntled for the entirety of his meal. “Oh, it definitely bugged me. Don’t think I wasn’t annoyed… because I was” the Mr. Peddleton pointed out. In retrospect, Lance says he should have asked for the error to be corrected,but adds that if the same situation were to arise, he’d probably still stay quiet.