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February 23, 2015

Mom was not pleased with the Oscars fashion, awards, or show.

Mom had some very insightful comments about last night’s Oscars broadcast. Here’s what she thought:

- BRING ELLEN BACK, PLEASE!!!! Most of his jokes weren’t funny and the audience didn’t seem to get them.

- I didn’t like when he came out in his underwear. Very ballsy (excuse the pun) but not really appropriate.

- I loved Roseanna Arquet’s (excuse my spelling) speech re equal pay for women.

- Lady Gaga proved she has a gorgeous voice and could be taken as a serious singer if she stopped wearing meat as a dress.

- Melanie Griffin, whom I couldn’t have identified if my life depended on it because she has had so much face work she looks pretty scary, and her daughter on the red carpet were ridiculous.

- Most of the women looked like their dresses were on backwards. Some designer made a fortune trying that one.

But, again I will remind you of all the movie stars who took their mothers with them as their dates - hint, hint.

And there you have it. No mention of winners or losers, just honest critiques.