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September 08, 2015

Stephen Colbert starts his run hosting 'The Late Show' tonight, but we found these old tweets of his that are pretty bad.

Tonight is the season premier of The Late Show with its new host Stephen Colbert, who is replacing David Letterman, who headed the show for 30 years.
There is a lot of hype surrounding this Colbert guy, who has some considerable credentials coming into this new gig. He hosted a political talk show for a number of years on cable television and dabbled in live theater in Chicago before that. He seems funny enough but we did a little digging and the public deserves to know just who Stephen Colbert is, and more importantly, was.

It looks like despite being good buddies with Jon Stewart, a member of the liberal elite, Colbert is wildly conservative. And he’s not one of those reasonable conservatives, he’s aggressively proud and has a whole in-your-face attitude about it all. It’s incredibly off-putting.

Just check out some of these tweets of his from a few years ago.

Looks like he is incredibly pro-gun and for the militarization of our police forces. Also, with tweets like this he’s going to lose his PETA audience, for sure.

And he’s a climate change denier? This is honestly embarrassing for our country.

All I can say to this is “WOW, smdh.” How is he going to interview international guests?

Colbert wrote this joke in 2014, just one year ago! Honestly, it’s rarely funny to joke about gay marriage and I have family in Vermont who might be offended that they’re the butt of a joke. This isn’t fair to them.

This isn’t to say I’m not wishing Colbert well, but with a track record like this, he’s going to have to work extra hard to win us over. America is a country that’s hard to please and generally has an issue with everything. So good luck to this Colbert kid, he’s going to really need it.