In “Oh Don” humorist, pundit and author John Sammon attempts to use logic to deal with Donald Trump. Claiming to be Trump’s unofficial advisor, Sammon gives Trump advice on how to become more of a decent human being and thus save his presidency for a second term. Sammon uses the brutal honesty of a child, speaking to Trump as though Trump were a child, free of partisan politics and political philosophy, as though Sammon and Trump were two children speaking candidly to each other on a schoolyard playground. In 34 columns written over a nine-month period covering the first year of Trump’s presidency, Sammon’s advice is often biting sarcasm, condescending critiques and simplistic but painfully honest rebukes that brutally chide Trump for ignoring the most basic human values most people say they respect. Going after Trump’s always enflamed arrogance, deceit, mockery, hypocrisy, self-pity, posturing and a host of other failings, “Oh Don” is a book for anyone who despises Donald Trump. It is also an enlightening treatise for Trump supporters who would do well to take heed of the observations if they wish Trump to achieve a second term in office. John Sammon has never been a Democrat nor is he a Republican. He is a bipartisan who believes in honesty and decency rather than political parties with their rules, rituals and close-minded dogma. “Oh Don” is not the usual book about a political figure (Trump), and not the same old boring- yawn political editorial discussions of policy decisions, employment figure forecasts, dry national defense theories and stultifying statistical figuring of economic health predictions. “Oh Don” has already created a sensation on Facebook with installments posted weekly including on Trump’s own Facebook page—where someone always erased them 10 minutes after they were posted. Hundreds of comments from readers expressed admiration and laughter, while others expressed outrage including obscene insults directed at the author. Here are sample reader comments from Facebook: Vicki – Bravo! Well said my friend. Tish – My sentiments exactly. Thank you. Linda – This is hands down the funniest thing I have seen all week. Sharon – Whew! You nailed it John. David – Brilliant, I’d like to share the hell out of this with your permission. Wendell – A home run right off the sweet spot. There were also comments like this one: Alice – Why don’t you take your ideas and shove it up your (rectal orifice). Mister Sammon is the author of several books including the World War I epics “Guns at the Abyss” and “Blood of the Unknowns.” He is also a comedy writer, script writer, news reporter, Screen Actors Guild member and film narrator.