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Published October 02, 2012
From: info@barackobama.comTo: info@barackobama.comBcc: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Tonight Our Fight BeginsSent: 1:01pm Willard -- The debates begin tonight. I can't do this on my own. We're on the brink of a milestone American politics have never seen, as we embark on our economic recovery. With the start of the debates, I need your support more than ever. Chip in $5 or more today Thank you, Barack ------From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: info@barackobama.comSubject: Re: Tonight Our Fight BeginsSent: 1:12pm Barack, Thank you for reaching out. Under normal circumstances I would value the cordial nature of this olive branch. However, I find it incredibly insensitive that you would send this email to me as I prep for our Presidential debate. I know it may not seem like it, but I'm taking this whole election thing seriously and while my actions may say otherwise, I am very much interested in the position of President of the United States of America. Please no more emails of this nature. Your Friend, Mitt ----From: info@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Re: Tonight Our Fight BeginsSent: 1:13pmThis is an automated response: Thank you for support of the Barack Obama campaign. It is backers like yourself who make this country great. For more info on Barack Obama, please visit Best, The Obama campaign ----From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: info@barackobama.comcc: paulryan6969@aol.comSubject: Tonight Our Fight BeginsSent: 1:21pm Barack, While I appreciate your speedy reply, I can't help but think you're not taking me seriously. Here I am politely emailing you and you just direct me to your website, which by the way, is filled with facts that disparage myself and the policies of my Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (cc'd here). I request that you stop emailing me this instant. Your colleague, Mitt -----From: paulryan6969@aol.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comcc: info@barackobama.comSubject: Tonight Our Fight BeginsSent: 1:22pm Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh motherfucker. You tell him. Dude, by the way, I'm going on no sleep for like 4 straight days and I can't tell you fucking alive I feel. Just Keep Living My Man, Paul P.S. Don't bring up the economic plan yet, haven't written it. I bought 5,000 notebooks, a bottle of ginseng tea and plan on going nuts tonight. I live for this shit. ----From: unsubscribe@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: UnsubscribeSent: 1:22pm We're sorry to hear you would like to unsubscribe from the Barack Obama campaign's newsletter. It has been our pleasure corresponding with you. Please visit to remove your name from our mailing list. Hope. Change. Progress. The Barack Obama Campaign -----From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: unsubscribe@barackobama.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:25pm Barack, Doggonit I am insulted. Again you direct me to that website of yours, which by the way has a flash intro that is not supported on my iPad, my wife's iPad, or my dog's iPad. Again, I appreciate and am continually impressed by the seemingly instantaneous replies you are sending. But your smugness is contradicting the personal attention you are giving me. Also how did you get my email address? Really burned up inside, Mitt ----From: info@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:26attachment: <mittsheadonabutt.jpg> ----From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: info@barackobama.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:26 If you don't stop sending me pictures of my face on a butt, I will be forced to take legal action. -Mitt ----From: info@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:27attachment: <> -----From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: info@barackobama.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:28 That's it, I'm calling the cops. You're going down whoever it is that's answering these emails. -----From: info@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:30 Fine. No more emails from the Barack Obama campaign. Plus, Michelle's calling me for lunch.   -----From: MrRomney@hotmail.comTo: info@barackobama.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:32 Oh, um, Barry! Ignore everything I said. See you at the debates! Your best friend, Mitt P.S. All softballs tonight, please. I have a lot of ground to make up. -----From: info@barackobama.comTo: MrRomney@hotmail.comSubject: Re: UnsubscribeSent: 1:30attachment: <mittholdingmyballs.jpg>