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March 23, 2009


Now, why didn't I think of this?

MacSpruce writes:

Greetings, Haiku hounds!

Kudos to all for yet another masterful display of punalicious wit and naughty innuendo in 17 syllables, and to Jason2k1 for providing the forum.

Honorable Mentions to Mike_McHuman for "Doe, a deer" and Jason2k1 for "role playing".

phukup got this one in three shots:

Sitting in the woods
Just how could I miss this guy
All dressed in orange

Really, it's like the guy was just asking for it!

With two shots, jimbobalouie bagged this one:

I bagged this sucker
Standing down wind of his squat
Butted his bare ass

He was assking for it too!

And the one-shot kill was made by lizardladyfla:

Oh Deer! officer
see,I dont have a license
but have a nice rack

Gets her off every time! And if the officer is lucky, he gets off too!