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November 05, 2008


It's a historic day, y'all. We had a tie in the Presidential Election voting in Panther County. 50% for McCain, 50% for Obama. So guess that makes us purple. And Florida ended up blue for the first time in forever.
Here's the thing. We're all Americans. We're all in the same economic row boat, no matter whether you live in Panther Glen and temporarily lost half of your stock value OR you live on Roy Ray's street and are fighting off foreclosure. If we look at our bank accounts as half empty and believe doom's day is on the horizon...well, then we might as well get our survival gear and flee to the woods. BUT if we look at the reality of this crisis with the old Panther County can-do attitude...yes, we can survive this and we will.
Fear drove the stock market into the sewer. Hope can drive us out of the ditch. Stop watching the bad news on the TV set and start asking what you can personally do to lift America...your hometown...your neighbor...your family...yourself out of this black hole.
There's a reason for everything. Today it may be hard to see anything positive coming out of the U.S. Economic Crisis...but it will. We need to come together as a nation with a common cause and free ourselves from the quagmire of this financial emergency.
I believe we can. Do you?
Oh, and congratulations to Sen. McCain for his gracious concession speech. And a big cheer for our next president of the U.S. of A., Barak Obama.
God bless America.