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May 14, 2017

What really appeals us to an item? Something cute and adorable or creepy beyond belief?

Written by: Kelly Brotman
Email Address: kellybrotman@gmail.com
Date: 05/14/2017

Adorable creatures to entice us or scare us to the next Millennium and back.

When you were a kid, and the first thing that would entice you to get up in the morning would be your favorite character on your cereal box, but what would happen if you replace Tony the Tiger with say the mascot for green peas, would you just be enticed or would you rush off to the nearest cabinet to open a can of peas? If you were the parents you who ld be happy that your child is choosing to eat his or her vegetables instead of the sugary cereal however if you were that child then you would zoom off to the nearest bathroom to indispose of such horror. Now I understand that parents want their kids to eat their vegetables, but I suggest the more subtle way and that is by buying more Kid Cosine meals which in corse is has a penguin as a mascot.

There is a fine line between adorable kid friend friendly mascots to the creepy factor that makes your skin crawl. Take for example, my old high school mascot, it was a giant. Now the old friendly mascot was friendly with a red beard and a big friendly eyes. However during the last year of school they changed the mascot to this weird hybrid looking thing that looked like Donald Trump with a beard who lost a hundred pounds and before he turned into a big orange. Burger King’s mascot has probably given nightmares to a child out there and child I mean full adult men and women. Sure he gives us fried foods that makes our stomach’s churn with anticipation whenever one goes near their establishment.

Now not to be in comparison but how bout McDonald’s Ronald McDonald? Yes the friendly clown that makes every child out here want a Happy Meal? For those who did not grow up in the 80’s and 90’s but did you know that he had a whole set of friends as well? The Hamburglar who stole the burgers and cheeseburgers from the little children was one of the many that warmed the hearts of the kids of the 80’s and early 90’s, this is the proof why there is a lot of nostalgia for all millennials. People who watch Family Guy might of recognize Mayor McCheese but with more horrifying details, if you don’t watch the show you wouldn’t understand what I am talking about.

In conclusion, mascots, either heart warming or creeps us out to the point you can’t sleep at night.