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July 23, 2014

All he's asking for is $10 billion.

Recently on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart reported on Rupert Murdoch’s plans to buy Time Warner, which have so far been denied by the company, who would have to sell off CNN due to Murdoch’s affiliation with Fox News. Stewart showed he’s willing to help, unveiling his new fake Kickstarter “Let’s Buy CNN.”

To show that they’re (pretending to be) serious, The Daily Show even got the domain name LetsBuyCNN.com, which directs you to a fake but realistic-looking Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN for just $10 billion. The pretend campaign comes with cool pretend rewards, like the opportunity to take molly with CNN host Fareed Zakarai, and if Stewart succeeds he promises to start showing music videos again, like in the 80s.

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