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December 29, 2017

This piece was written as part of my Clickhole Fellowship application. Did not get the fellowship.

What ever happened to predictability? These catchphrases have been pretty busy since you last heard them on your favorite 90’s sitcom. Time for a trip down memory lane:

1. “You Got It Dude!” - Probably the most well known of the Full House quotes, You Got It Dude has had smash successes in creating network television. Its hits include How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and, of course, Grey’s Anatomy. Its forthcoming book “The House Was Too Full: In Defense of Cut It Out” will be available this November.

2. “How Rude!” - Another post-Full House success story, How Rude opened a vineyard in Northern California. For a brief time, How Rude was married to London dress designer Elizabeth James, but now lives the single parent life with its daughter, Hallie.

3. “Have Mercy” - Have Mercy and its wife Marcia Little were brutally murdered in the 1998 Little Rock Motel Massacre. Before it’s untimely death, Have Mercy was working on its now classic crime novel The Firm by John Grisham.

4. “Oh Mylanta” - While only a featured player on Full House, Oh Mylanta found success as a character actor appearing on Heroes, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Bob the Builder, the latter of which earned it a Daytime Emmy.

5. “You’re In Big Trouble Mister” - After the show’s cancellation, You’re In Big Trouble Mister retired from acting. In 2006, it underwent a then-controversial gender reassignment surgery, now preferring to go by You’re In Big Trouble Ma’am.

6. “Cut It Out” - Cut It Out was convicted on July 14, 2000 with double homicide, possession of an illegal firearm, and drug trafficking. He’s currently serving two life sentences in the Forrest City Federal Corrections Institution in Arkansas. #JusticeForHaveMercy #JusticeForMarciaLittle