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Published December 14, 2012
HOW TO DEAL WITH NO NHL BY JOSHUA PROCTOR Are you a hockey fan that needs the NHL? Are you going through withdrawals? You need your daily dose of blood and ice? Here are some things you could do to get you through your day. Start random fights Hit people in the face with round rubber circles Instead of sending people to jail send them to a glass box for a X amount of time Be soooooooooooo popular in Canada Go on strike every 3 weeks Make black people wonder why people watch you Steal a big cup from your friend Stan Throw octopus every time something good happens Knock out 7 of your teeth Make rules that don't make sense to normal people Lockout the few people that like to watch you Disappear and find out that nobody cares Be the only reason why people watch NBC Sports Sit there while people shoot things at you at 60MPH Put blades on all of your shoes Every New Years Day stand outside for 3 hours Suck off your best friend Wayne from 20 years ago Make 3 shit Disney movies about yourself Find someone named Sid and punch him Sing the Canada national anthem everyday Don't call them pilots. Call them Flyers Find a brave duck (second The Mighty Ducks joke) Become wild in Minnesota Tell everyone that fighting is ok until someone hits the ground Give your friend Christopher a blue jacket Be the only sport that ESPN doesn't show (They even show the fucking Spelling Bee!) Remind people that there is more good players other then Sid the Kid and that Alex guy from D.C. You got ummmmmmmmmmm that ummmmm guy from Canada Become irrelevant LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE: JOSHUA'S  POINT OF VIEW FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @TODAJETS