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Published: June 28, 2012
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Rednecks compliment women in the strangest ways. You see, my girlfriend grew up in a rather "back woods" area, if you will. The guys she went to school with would always say things like, "Damn girl, your legs don't quit." Which I, personally, think is a good thing, because I don't date girls in wheel chairs.

That's my opener, deal with it.

The other day at work, two young kids came in. Now, I'll admit, when I was their age, I didn't think I was young. I thought I was old, mature, and established. They were probably sophomores in high school. At that age, I was probably at the maturity level they will be at well into their twenties. They were shopping around, and the store was pretty empty, so I heard every word they said to each other, AND IT WAS CRAZY. I had no idea kids talked the way these two talked. I couldn't believe it. They were both, how do you say, trying to be gangster? They weren't gangster. They were just attempting to be something they're not. One of them looked at the other and said, "Dawg, there's this shirt at Urban Outfitters I've got to get. It's got a chick on it rollin' a blunt. Dude, that shit goes hard. All the bitches at our school love that shit." Word for word, not an exaggeration. I don't even know what the phrase, "That shit goes hard" means. Have things changed that much since I was in high school? It gets worse. I'm reluctant to even type what he said next in fear of being judged. But who cares, right? I'm here to entertain your, most likely, boring life. Moments later, the same boy said to his friend, "Dude, I got my dick rubbed right here in City Walk today. We HAVE to start coming here more than every other week." WHAT? They have to start coming to City Walk more than once every other week, so this kid can have his penis RUBBED? This is the most I've used caps lock on any blog I've posted. It's insanity. I'm glad I'm not a kid today. I would fit in even less than I did.

Norris out.


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