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March 01, 2009


Ok, so I blew up my  Ski-doo 800 a couple of weeks ago and I was fairly sure my season was over. I ordered parts and maybe in a week she'll be up and running. wee
So my buddy wanted to go this weekend and said I could use his 700 Polaris machine, and its a solid sled so I thought Why NOT?
   So we went and had a wonderful time, the 700 was not set up like my sled and didn't perform the way my 151 Summit HighMark  x  so it was hard to ride all day, and after tripping 75 miles on it I was ready to go home. Well on the Journey back to the truck and  trailer, we got seperated, and he threw a belt, which set him behind me about fourty five minutes. (Note: this isn't park riding, this is national forest riding in the great wild open.)  I get to the place we call the boneyard(noted for all the crashed and broken machines I have seen there.) which is directly under the Chute. Which is the only passage back to the truck and the most trecherous grade on the pass that is mandated anyone climb if your going home.
 I sat there and waited for about ten minutes wondering what happened to my buddy, he was just behind me 10 or 15 minutes ago.  A sledder aproached me and said; " Hey my wife just crashed my machine on the Chute, If I could get a couple of guys maybe we can get it off the tree and back up on the trail." I asked "Is she ok?"  and he said, " Yeah, she got scaired comming down the Chute and jumped off the machine and it crashed into the trees." Then he looked at her and Yelled" I TOLD YOU TO GO STRAIT DOWN THE CHUTE, STRAIT DOWN, WHY THE HELL DID YOU JUMP OFF?" I said, " Yeah I'll help you get it up, I'm not very good in deep powder so its going to take me a while, Where is it?" He said "Its over there", and we walked over to the trees and sure enough, man was there one mangled machine down there.
The hood was gone and the bumper was crushed up into the exaust and it was in terrible shape, I took the hood fragments and moved them. The machine wouldn't start because the exaust was pinched so I took his exaust apart at the Y pipe and got it running, I helped him pull it back and turn it and pointed him down hill  through the trees back to the trail. He rode it out and I walked.
At this point I am beat, but I am back at the 700, deep powder kicked my butt. I set there sweating like a pig and stripping, zipping and opening flaps to get some cooling air into my 30 below snowmobile clothes and I hear this guy saying to his wife, "NOW RIDE IT UP THE CHUTE, STRAIT UP AND I'LL PULL THE KIDS IN THE SLED, ITS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN GET THE DAMN THING BACK TO THE TRAILER." She said," NO, I AM NOT RIDING THAT MACHINE OR ANY OTHER MACHINE I'LL WALK UP THE DAMN CHUTE!!!" I'm thinking "This shit aint happining to me." I look back again for my buddy, no sighn. I tell him,"Hey man. I'll ride your sled up to the top, but you got to bring me back down to my sled, my buddy is missing and I got to get to the truck and fuel and go search for him. He should be here by now."
So I get on the busted sled, its an aircooled 400, this machine was way over its head when it got off the trailer at ten thousand feet, let alone up here. So I start it and take off. I give it everything it has, I almost get to the top of the Chute, it couldn't get me there. So what do you think happened? Yeah I rode it down the Chute backwards. In complete controll throughout,  it was hard, but there was no way I was going to crash Dudes sled again.
 I get back to the boneyard at the bottom of the Chute and say" Sorry man, It won't carry me up, theres guys riding them 1000's they can tow you up, take your kids and wife back to the truck and come back and when I see them I'll send them over , they towed me up when I blew up my 800 a few weeks ago."  And away they went.
I get back to the truck and fuel and take off back to the Chute to go search for my buddy.
 I ride hard because its getting around three in the afternoon, and it gets dark up high fast. I get back to the Chute, I get to the top and am looking down on the Boneyard, and there is my buddy, looking back up at me.  Between us in the Chute is a United States Forestry Marshall, parked sideways in the Chute, closer to me than to my buddy who was at the bottom of the Chute. This Forestry Marshall for some unknown reason tries to get off his sled  Why? I don't know. He falls down. His Sled takes off down the Chute by itself, and crashes into the same damn tree. Again I say, " This shit ain't happining to me." My buddy rides up to me and parks beside my sled, looks at me and says, We should go get the winch from the truck and help that guy. Again I say, " This shit aint happening to me." We go to the truck, I strap a battery on the back of my sled and my buddy straps the winch to his sled and we go back to the boneyard, as we approach, I get over to let traffic go by and  as it went by I noticed the first guy from the tree going by towing his broken machine, and then the Forestry Marshall goes by being towed by some other machine, I think to myself " Ok I can go home now." But I pulled over to far and when I started to leave, I was sucked into a monster drift and spent an hour digging out my machine. Again I said," THIS SHIT AINT HAPPENING TO ME."  Now I am home, not a muscle in my body isn't sore. I think that this was the most perfect day snowmobiling I have ever had, I'm so glad that shit happened to me.
 Have a great day.