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June 30, 2008


Great Wardrobes and Where to Show ‘Em

Jim McPartland


To get a start on his long walk to NYC for the Gay Pride Parade this past weekend a Manchester, CT. man was arrested Saturday.

Seems sometime on Friday, police received several calls that a man was walking along Interstate 291 around Hartford. Wearing nothing but a thong. And a wig. And, oh yeah, fake breasts.

On Saturday police arrested him. He was fully clothed by then, collecting empty cans. They found his attire in his car. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Contessa Brewer, the beautiful MSNBC host, pointed out that there were many people at the parade Sunday with much less on or in more outrageous garb. No one there paid any attention.

Recently, a Foreclosure Judge from Boston got arrested for DUI in Manchester, N.H. after rear ending a truck.

I'm OK with that- the guy is probably very busy right now. Foreclosure courts are packed.

Problem was this grandfather was wearing a cocktail dress and high heels. He was fired but is suing and wants his job back. He promises to wear something appropriate under his robe and any manly inmate can check for compliance.

I'd just like to know-- if he'd been caught in, say, a nice gray pants suit and some pumps-- would he get a lighter sentence?