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September 14, 2014

Rodney reflects on some of his worst moments

Yesterday I went to buy a red bull at the store, and the line was so long! But there was nobody at those self-checkout machines. So I thought, “Ah! I’m going to pass all these idiots and check myself out.”

Ten minutes later, I’m still there trying to make it work! The machine is like, “Unexpected item in the bagging area. Please enter item code.”

And I’m like “oh man! I can’t believe I used the self checkout aisle!” What a bad decision!

This was my worst decision since I sang karaoke and chose Take On Me.

I mean, it was the worst decision since I named my son Hugh. Hugh Sock.

It was even worse than the day I went to In-N-Out Burger and told the cashier “give it to me doggie style!”

It was the worst decision since the time I stayed up all night studying … for a herpes test! (I still can’t remember which one is positive and which one is negative!)

Well guess what? I have learned my lesson! Next time I am going to get in the normal line and pay for my Red Bull before I drink it!