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April 04, 2009


Today's contest is completely clean. Just a little computer humor, which will hopefully offend no one but Bill Gates.

sonnydown writes:

I really like the dickhead who wrote about
Scott Tissues..Oh, sorry..that was me.

Honorable mention to the host jason2k1:
Maybe the next time
John Mayer will think before
sleeping with my wife.
(Pandering, I think not!)

Bronze goes to drwho:
Oh as I sit here
No longer broken hearted
Wish I just farted
(Should have placed higher, rhyme time..no no)

Silver goes to Gerhardguffaw:
Here to drop a deuce
Have to use my fingers now
Then shake hands with boss
(I just love droppin' the deuce!)

Gold to lizardladyfla:
Yeah, that's what you think
see when I pulled my pants down
I have a spare roll
(The Lady - representing&on a roll!!)