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March 16, 2010


Hi there once again folks i hope this finds you all well (not IN a well but that you feel well).

So its been sorta busy but lazy on my behalf couple of months i still am in the middle of making a sketch which im having trouble with ( yes this is a call for hepl any1 that has any video editing skills plz message me),there is also the download blog which will be what i can remeber and what ive been told ,and obviously always tring to write new material which at the moment aint that easy (the mussis isnt that bad right now).But ive been good and not complaing as the weather has been brilliant and i have even had time for some tipple a socialising which i plan i will bve doing a great deal off.

Anyway for those who have not heard cosmic ray gun decided while paralytically imcompetently drunk to jump out a 1st floor window and will be in cast for atleast 6 weeks so if you dont see hium for a while that is why.

So the real point to this blog that is the whole micheal jackson thing about him being dead.
Now lets get 1 thing straight, earth song by mj was so nearly the first ever cd i bought it got beat to the post by babalon zoo spaceman (that shows you an idea of what gos inside my head) and yes babalon zoo have not been heard of since there secound single 'all the monnies gone'(which i still listen too 14 yrs on),Yes mj HAD a brilliant voice (any1 who actually thought who wouldnt mime at the o2 gigs is seriously fucking retarded),Yes he has sung some of the best alltime disco songs (*random european voice* DISCO DISCO)and yes he was a child star so he would never be like any normall person.

BUT he was accused of being a pedo on sevral occasitions and even ill admit not all of them will have happened(greedy parents wanting to make cash),he built a theme park in his back garden (there is somthing majorly wrong there),he was so pleased about his new child BLANKET(yes the kid is called blanket, i rekon that he didnt know that there was a child in it and it was just his pet blanket)that he dangled it out of a hotel window in a balcony (i dont even need to comment)And did i mension all the plastic surgury(i reckon he wanred to look like a living dead doll white ,plastic and emotionless)and the fact that he did nothing with his carreer for 14 yrs which is why he sqwandered all his millions on monkeys.

The debarcal that was his funeral,wake,gig,varitey thing which i have to admit i only caught the last half hour off but from what i saw i was wondering could you get anymore black stereotypes on that stage. i can understand the singers like maria warry carie and usher( who made a tit of himself singing on his knees to my opinon was an empty coffin).then there were the typical why the fuck are you there people like that reverned guy from blues brothers, martin luther king the 3rd (who is a fat balder version of his grandad,and why was he there so he could read his GRANDADS speech why just get some1 he knows atleast)and shaeheen from britains got talent(just no no no i didnt even know wtf its was at first i had to be told but the boy can sing well atleast until his voice breaks)Brooke sheilds trying to cry was like watching some1 trying to make a stone bleed,And the bit at the end was my favorite when every1 came on stage for a sing song which i thought was bad it looked like the end of the royal varity show !!!and the kids that were there none of them had proberly never heard a mj song till he died(supposedly)they were all too young the man(suposedly!!!)hadnt done nothing apart from get himself in trouble the last 14 yrs.

So make of this as you think if you dont like it i dont care personally i believe he really couldnt do it which is why he faked his death( to keep the money from the o2 rather than pay it back)and is now sunning himself in the bahamas with david geust,uri geller and diana ross his three best friends (which would explain why they wernt at the funeral thing ???????????

Anyhoo that is my bitching done about him(atleast till some1 asks me again)
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Good day and love to your mothers (yes i did just stael jon richardsons line)