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I just like to observe people to the fullest. We are all strange, some more than others, and we deserve to be made fun of.

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May 14, 2012

When someone says something, and the person they're talking to doesn't hear you, so you say the same thing with different wording...

People do some strange things, as we all are aware of. ONE thing that really bugs me is this; let's say you're having a friendly conversation with a fellow human, and you say something like "Oh my I am STARVING." Sometimes, the person you're talking to won't hear you and say "What?" so you reply with "I'm pretty hungry right now." Why is it, when someone doesn't initially hear you, we'll reply using different words, but stating the same topic? I've never understood this. SO I've decided to switch it up a bit, and I advise everyone does the same. EXAMPLE: -You- "DUDE I gotta use the bathroom." -Buddy- "What?" -You- "There are millions of syphilis demons eating my dick." Next time someone doesn't hear you, you gotta throw them a curveball, catch them off guard, so to speak. EXAMPLE 2: -You- "Hey turn on the game I think its starting." -Pal- "What's that?" -You- "I had sex with your entire family." BOOM CURVEBALL TO THE FACE! Typically, when they initially don't hear you, and you say something of this nature as a rebound statement, they will be REALLY confused. They will most likely reply with a "You didn't say that at first" so that begs the question; WHY did they act like they didn't hear you the first time you said it? I do not know why the brain tells us to block out the initial statement, when in reality, they most likely heard you the first time. So the next time you tell someone to "listen to the new Black Keys album" or something, and they do not "hear" you, throw them the ol' "Will you chew on my taint hair?" line. Works everytime.