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October 22, 2011

This game is not for people that dont like playing games, okay, i said it ya thats right, and i just wrote it.

People are always coming up to me and telling me how funny my music is and how it makes them laugh, and how it inspires them, they say i remind them of other great artists like werid al, or john lajoie, or rucka rucka. And my responce to that is what the fuck are you talking about, funny my fucking music is funny, I make you laugh, i amuze you, are you fucking kidding me, im a serious artist, im not here to make you laugh, what do you think i am doing on funny or die, you think this is about jokes, is that what u think, because im on a site that says im suppose to be funny, u think im funny, well when u listen to one of my songs and its not funny and makes you sad and u cry because its so fucking bad u want to unlisten to it u cant you will realize, i have no fucking idea what i am talking about, i really should stop getting really baked when im writing this shit or recording anything, i totally forget what i was saying , just kidding, im fucking with ya, because i can, haha now thats funny, put that in your corn hole and dont smoke it.