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Published August 19, 2010
SCENE: Inside of TRENDY INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE.Many punks and goths with various tattoos, piercings, and unorthodox hairdos are standing around. Loud music is playing. Everyone is smiling and waving farewell to SQUIDGE and SONIA, a punk couple who both have mohawks, are wearing leather jackets, are multiply pierced, and have thick black eyeliner. They are leaving through the front door and waving goodbye to their friends.CUT TO:SCENE: Daylight In front of TRENDY INDEPENDENT RECORD STORESquidge and Sonia give each other knowing looks, grin and make a mad dash to their car. They enter the car and peel out at a fast speed.CUT TO:SCENE: In front of MOTEL at SunsetSquidge and Sonia's car pulls up to a MOTEL ROOM. They jump out of the car and run inside, each toting two large bags spilling over with clothing, some clothes in pastel colors, some with muted tones.CUT TO:SCENE: Inside MOTEL ROOMSonia is busy combing her mohawk down. Her makeup has been removed. Squidge is taking out his piercings. He is wearing Old Navy-style clothing... a polo shirt and khaki slacks .CUT TO:SCENE: In front of MOTEL ROOM an hour laterSquidge and Sonia are leaving through the door of the MOTEL ROOM, grinning and laughing at each other's little jokes. Sonia's clothes have changed too... she is wearing a nice floral print summer dress with a cardigan. All their piercings and gloomy make-up have disappeared. Any trace of counterculture has been erased. They look like any sterotypical "average", happy, wholesome young couple that you would expect to see in church every Sunday. CUT TO:SCENE: Large ARENA with horses prancing about in the center, their riders each bearing an American flag. A John Philip Souza march is playing in the background.Squidge and Sonia are in the audience Oohing and Aahing to the show.CUT TO:SCENE: A CITY PARK during daylight hoursSquidge and Sonia are feeding ducks and eating ice cream.CUT TO:SCENE: AUDITORIUMYakov Smirnof is on stage. Squidge and Sonia are laughing at his jokes genuinely, without a hint of irony.CUT TO:SCENE: CAFETERIASquidge and Sonia are playing canasta with an elderly couple and having a grand old time.CUT TO:SCENE: Inside MOTEL ROOMSquidge and Sonia are busy putting their "punk rock" regalia back on... reinserting piercings, doing hair up, etc.CUT TO:SCENE: In front of MOTEL ROOMSquidge and Sonia, back to their former appearance with mohawks, black makeup, etc. are dashing towards their car.CUT TO:SCENE: Interior CARSquidge is parking CAR in front of TRENDY INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE while Sonia is in the passenger seat, tossing back a fifth of gin. Squidge takes a couple puffs off a joint as he leaves the vehicle. Sonia sprinkles a bit of gin on her clothes and gives them a good sniff as she exists the vehicle.CUT TO:SCENE: Interior TRENDY INDEPENDENT RECORD STORESonia and Squidge enter, with a somewhat faked drunken stagger, and greet their friends who are in the store.FADE TO:Black marquee with white lettering that says:"Whatever happens in Branson, stays in Branson."Paid for by the Branson Missouri Tourism Board.