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June 13, 2017

Campus Shop accept experience as legal tender.

It has emerged that most on-campus stores are now accepting “Valuable Work-Experience” as a way of paying for things. This comes after many years of employers offering people no money for internship work that’s really just actual work.

Some smart and savvy students have discovered that they’re able to barter this into getting groceries and amenities to live. They have worked out a system of turning one hour of valuable experience into store credit in the on-campus shop. The store then takes all these experience hours puts it into a machine which condenses the intangible hours into pure horse manure. The machine dispenses it which is then sold to members of the farming community to improve land quality.

This method of payment was thought up by a student who has been “a very bright chap” and has received “many free lunches” for his 48 hour weeks as part of the spar team.