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Published July 19, 2011

So last night in my dream i was in a motel with my X girl friend from meany years back but the room was not  mine or her's. So she closes the blind & puts the thing on the door as am watching Star Wars on tape. Now she want to get freaky with me but am all like your married! with kids! As she then talked me into geting it on because she loves me so much and the whole time she is telling me all kinds of kinky stuff. Saying do me harder because i got a big VaJJ and a lot more crazy stuff that i can't post up here. So this goes on for a grip untell we here some people coming up to the room. So am trying to stop and she like no! let me get off one more time as she puts the Star Wars tape on to try and cover her yelling. As the door opens and look who it is. Its Harold Rams with Larry David as Harold goes trew his stuff in the room and Larry David looks at us. So she gets off one more time trying to hold on to me and hind under the covers. So i push here off as she stands naked in the room and I say Harold am in the movie right? As i walk out the door & say to Larry. i know your going to use this in your show so just give her the money from it because am allready going to have to pay for this one. Then i wake up and now am typing this to tell you all about that wacky ass dream.


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