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Published December 21, 2010
a boy moves to a town doesnt know anyone one day he walks to school on his way a group of bullies chance him and attack him but luckilly he has a pocket knife he defends himself with it unfortunately because of protecting himself he had murderd one of the boys so the boy is thrown in jail but ... the boy he murderd has freinds in the jail the freinds atempt to murder him on more then one occasion so the boy goes to a prisoner but he does witchcraft and stuff so the boy asks if he can have protection but the boy had to give his soul to the prisoner so the boy agrees because hes terrified allasudden this demonic devil starts telling the boy to kill the inmates and do demonic things so the boy goes to this witch doctor prisoner and asks whats goin on the prisoner says if you give your soul to me i have to give it to your protector but the boys protector is a evil devil and in order for the boy to be safe he has to do what this devil tells him and if he does what the devil says he becomes stronger but the witch doctor prisoner dude says he has a week until the devil takes over his body and says there is only one way to stop it and thats if he escapes and goes to a church and gets a preist to perform a exorcism but on the way of his jurney will be a hell ride because the demon cant phisically touch the boy the demon attracts evil ppl to stop him on his quest because the devil cant harm the boy cause once a week is up he needs the boys body to get on earth so thats it

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