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October 19, 2010

Guy posts ridiculous, fake craigslist ads to see if anyone is dumb enough to respond... of course they are. www.peopleoftheclassifieds.com

On peopleoftheclassifieds.com hilariously fake craigslist ads get real responses from people who apparently  are either too desperate or ignorant enough to throw all morals or self respect out the window.  Everything ranging from people describing why they could pose as a good hedge in the backyard of a party in Beverly Hills, to why they believe that the genocide in Endor must be stopped (the star wars planet… )  It is unbelievable to witness being on the other side of posts like these.  Most responses in themselves are hilarious, but some just make you wonder.  Thank you America, for once again, letting us have a laugh at some of the people in this country without them knowing it.  Enjoy.