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February 10, 2008


Sooo, I'm driving to the Minneapolis recently and saw a guy in a car picking his nose and talking on his cellphone...At the SAME time!!! I really wanna know what the hell he was steering with...I'm not talking he was doing this for a minute or so, but doing this the whole 2 hour drive...He was either right behind or beside me...I never let him pass...I was afraid he'd lose control of the wheel...LOL...I have NO idea how he was steering the car as he was the ONLY one in it...This was some serious multitasking on his part...Damn, he must of had some strong thigh muscles or he was using his "own" stick to steer...Whatever the case, I was truly impressed and disgusted at the same time...What in the world was stuck up his nose that took 2 hours to retrieve??? LOL...Too funny...