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November 19, 2009


Here's the thing...we have this girl at work...she's a little "off" and that's fine (I appreciate, I don't hate), but the thing is that she fainted at work and caused all kinds of pandemonium (sp?) It turns out she's been on a firm diet of "energy" drinks and diet pills and not much else.  Every other time I work with her, she says she's on a "cheat day" and she inhales chocolate (after loudly reading the fat content off the label), and then complains about having trouble quitting smoking...sigh...the last time I saw her before the big drool'n'drop I actually moved a seat away from her in the break room because she reeked of smoke.  ANYWAY...I don't understand why she's trying so hard.  Not to be mean, but she's not really pretty and having a thin body is great when it's athletic and limber...but the "drained life" diet, with translucent skin, too much eye make up and YIKES!  Super frizz....it's great if she wants to compensate for her face by having a good body, but she may as well have a HEALTHY body, no?  She claims that she has "no time" for guys...so why not use that extra "no guy" time and take care of herself?  She can properly lose and maintain weight, it's not like she's a "big" girl to begin with, so I don't get the urgency of the diet pills and need to for fast fast FAST excess of weight loss when she's still going to be ugly.  Maybe, I'm just a bitch (yes, I've had that song dedicated to me many a time, rightfully so), but I don't get why she's killing herself dealing with an imaginary weight issue when there are so many more managable things about her appearance that she could be concerned about.