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July 31, 2008


life is all about connections, people. you make'em you break'em you turn them over and fuck'em doggy style. it's all good, just as long as you've got a few, so that when you're old and senile you can mistake your teenage granddaughter for some girl you used get blowjobs from in college and try to grab her boobs...or whatever the female/homosexual equivalent of that would be.

sadly, i find that some of the most powerful connections people make have nothing to do with humans...in fact they AVOID connecting with humans because, "we're not trustworthy" and they, "don't want to get hurt"...so its better to invest emotionally in a ring or a necklace? it's better to put more value on items in your wardrobe that other humans? my guitar is worth more than your (or anyone's) life? people might not be trustworthy, but at least we can respond...we care return the emotion..and yes we can hurt each other...but i'd rather be hurt by another person with feelings than because i lost a cheap, emotionless gemstone i bought at a fleamarket in South Dakota. because even if i'm the one hurting in the end, i made a connection...i created something out of nothing with another person, even if it's for a day, for an hour...hell even if our connection was a fight (sometimes, those are my favorites...fighting with guys is like sex...sometimes better)...i'm glad i'm alive when i get that feeling, when i know that i will be remembered tomorrow, and i have something to remember as well.

i can't wait to be old...i'm gonna grab soooo much inappropriate ass they might have to put me in restraints on high school community service day at the old folks home...