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March 25, 2015

Kevin Hart talks about his failed SNL audition, his cheap costar Will Ferrell, and his own expensive taste.

On Conan last night, Kevin Hart talked about the time he auditioned for SNL and didn’t get it. Although in many cases it’s surprising to learn that SNL passed on someone who would turn out to be very successful, Hart shares some details that make it kind of clear why he didn’t nail his audition. Turns out doing a one-sentence impression of a person Lorne Michaels didn’t know did not work out so well for him.

Also in his Conan interview, Hart continued to lovingly ridicule his Get Hard costar Will Ferrell, this time for being cheap as hell. Hart, on the other hand, loves to spend money, but is sad when people don’t notice that about him. Maybe everyone should make a promise that, next time you see Kevin Hart, you’ll compliment his expensive clothes!