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Published May 30, 2009
Honey, I know its wrong to suggest that last week you different ,yet I knew better than to : Suggest a sexual favor Not put my plate in the washer...after rinsing it Ask if you need help (while puking) Ask if your "all right" (after puking) Not take out the trash at just the right time Walk,talk,or have the TV too loud Say anything remotely stupid,which is of coarse, way outa character Leave a glass in the front room Leave the seat up Not have Kool Aid available on demand Say theres something wrong with you Thank you for not : Burning my bed while I'm in it Poisoning my food Cutting my hair while napping Suggesting I run off with another woman Ax murdering the neighbors Looking for or finding my hiding place Looming over the bed while muttering inauditable noises Spinning your head around and spewing green stuff  Gouging my eyes out Your tollerence is greatly appreciated.Proves you love me!