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April 29, 2016

Watch the Giant Novelty Check ceremony where we give baseball $100!

1856: Baseball is declared America’s “National Pastime” by a bat and ball crazed public.

2016: Baseball is declared #BestSport by the world’s leading website, Funny Or Die.

Future: Nothing will ever change.

In early March, Funny Or Die set out to find which sport was the best sport of all the sports for two reasons:

1. Humanity has created many sports, we must find out which is best so that people who are new to sports know where to get started.
2. To give the Best Sport a giant novelty check for a fake $100 as well as a very real $100 cash in five and ten dollar bills.

The competition was fierce and let’s just say, there was no shortage of drama. In terms of upsets, there were a few surprises along the way:

-All 4 Track and Field disciplines wholly eliminated after two rounds.
-Golf upset by Surfing in round 2
-And the biggest upset: the epic Bowling over Basketball debacle of 2016.

But at the end of the day, Baseball won an epic championship battle over football.

So I set out to give Baseball a big fake novelty check and $100 in cash bills. It wasn’t gonna be easy.


Driver, take me to BASEBALL!

Since Baseball is, at its most tangible, only a concept (or a list of rules on a apiece of paper maybe?), we decided to go to MLB Network in sunny bright Secaucus, New Jersey, and give the check and cash to someone there.


I’m just a boy. With a check. Looking for BASEBALL.

Was I nervous? Sure. Was I going to go home before I gave this big check and $100 in cash to someone at this place? I don’t think so!


This is me INSIDE Baseball.

Once in the studio, the excitement was palpable. Nothing this amazing has happened to baseball since Babe Ruth kissed Ty Cobb (allegedly!) while standing on home plate during a 4th of July game a thousand years ago.

After gathering courage while eating my fill of wet hot dogs I found in the back dumpster, I rounded up the best big time Baseball men I could possibly hope to find, MLB Network Anchors Matt Vasgersian and Mark DeRosa, and told them to turn the cameras on because the show was about to start, baby!

The result: a beautiful moment for Baseball, for Sports, and for America.