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Published: September 29, 2008
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Yep... you guessed it... I did cement work this weekend, then I wore a shock collar for $15 dollars.... I'm a whore, alright...

It was a long weekend, starting with a failed server install for a local credit union... Let's just say I will publically trash 2WIRE modems for the rest of my days..

Feel free to read more at my other place, My Little Hole In The Boxer Shorts Of Life.

Then, Karaoke Kraziness, a bonfire, cementing the blocks on a newly erected (hah hah hah... I said "erect"...) fence, followed by a bet that I wouldn't wear a shock collar my buddy bought for his dog... that $15 is mine now. :-)

All in all, I missed y'all... a lot...

And, thanks to vijayind ... my video may be up in a day or two....


- Kenny G.

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