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July 04, 2009


Vat is zat little slut of a gerbil Gretel doing to mein Hansel up inside mein bleached white arschensphincter? Can you see zem, Dr? . . .Zey are slow dancing to Barry White (R.I.P. six years ago today) und ze luff unlimited orchestra?  . . .Und now he is turning her upside down und sticking his nose in her badunk-adunk? . . . Und now she is making chipmunk cheeks mit his kugelsack? . . . Ich don’t like zis smut going on in mein arschenhalle, Dr Schissegeboren! . . .  Und how could you be so careless as to let her smuggle mein ipod nano up zere? I know zese two. As long as zey have zere music zey von’t ever stop! . . .You have another plan? After your idea of sending another gerbil up mein heinie quarters mit ein lasso to lasso ze Oscar for best supporting actress zo you can pull it out mit ze come-along didn’t vin ze Nobel prize, you haff another one?